Circle Beverage at the “Home of the Great American Road Trip”

Circle March 23, 2021

I don’t know what you drank growing up on your family road trips. In 1995 it was a Big Gulp of something florescent and probably illegal in a few European countries, no doubt purchased at a gas station around 11pm. In 2021 the offerings are wildly impressive. Gas station coffee is now equivalent to high brow coffee shops, milk alternatives included. And the snacks? Nothing to see here, just a carving station. Plus, they’ve got the ultimate cure to family road trip bloat and the ever popular passenger flatulence, delicious probiotics in the form of Circle Kombucha (on tap and cans). Do we think it’s ironic that you gotta ‘get gas’ so you can ‘get rid of your gas’? You betcha. Do we love it? Double betcha.

…That is, if you’re gassing up at Wally’s. They opened shop in September 2020 with the tagline “Home of the Great American Road Trip.” You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the 70’s sign lighting up the highway like the porch light beckoning you home. And for the midwesterner, you’ll feel the homelike warmth in all of Wally’s details. From the taxidermy to a vintage Winnebago trailer, this place is determined to offer true rest while you’re on the road. And as for the basic necessities, yep, they’ve got gas pumps and clean restrooms, too.

Wally’s is located in Pontiac, Illinois, on Interstate 55, along Route 66. It’s situated about halfway between the Midwest cities of Chicago and St. Louis. For more information, check out this article and follow Wally’s on social platforms @wallys.

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