Circle Kombucha Press Release

Circle June 3, 2019

Indianapolis, IN– Circle, best known for its Circle City Kombucha brand, will open a new manufacturing facility and release an enhanced brand & package format this summer.  Circle is a vertically-integrated, better-for-you beverage company whose mission is to help people find balance & feel good, one sip at a time.

The company’s new manufacturing facility is located on Indianapolis’ near east side and it features a state-of-the-art fermentation clean-room that increases production capacity ten-fold. Furthermore, Circle has invested in sustainable production processes to minimize the environmental impact of beverage production,including cutting-edge water treatment technology which minimizes waste water.

In addition to the new facility, the Circle City Kombucha brand will officially transition to Circle Kombucha. A circle is the perfectly balanced shape, which represents the tastefully balanced characteristics of Circle’s products.  The company views this as a natural metamorphosis in its identity, which builds upon the strength of the Circle City brand and continues to pay homage to its roots’.

In conjunction, the company will transition its kombucha from the iconic long-neck glass bottles into sleek,aluminum cans. The new cans, which sport a minimalistic, yet creative design, will significantly reduce Circle’s environmental impact and deliver improvements on affordability for the end consumer.  Inside the new cans, customers will find the same high-quality and tastefully-balanced kombucha that they have come to love.

Circle is based in America’s heartland and is built on the pillars of: health, taste, community, and environment. Circle is focused on education and community-building to ensure that consumers are aware of and introduced to healthy beverage options to replace their sodas, energy drinks, and high-sugar beverages. Circle believes that the metamorphosis in its identity, increasing production capacity, and introducing a more accessible kombucha package will better enable it to achieve this mission.

For more information, please visit the Circle website at: or find us on social media at @circlekombucha.


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