1What is kombucha?

Simply put, Kombucha is a fermented tea. It has been brewed and consumed for thousands of years as a health-promoting beverage and is believed to have originated in East Asia. Kombucha is packed with probiotics (good bacteria for your stomach & digestive system), naturally occurring B vitamins, and other enzymes. Add in the fact that it is fizzy, low in calories/sugars, and you have an enjoyable and natural alternative lifestyle beverage.

2What is a SCOBY?

A cellulose structure that stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. This is the part of Kombucha that drives fermentation and creates all the good probiotics.

3How is it made?

Sweet tea, SCOBY, and starter liquid (acidic Kombucha) are combined to start a ferment. Other herbs, spices, fruit, vegetables etc, are added once the first ferment is complete to add flavor and continue the fermentation process.

4What does kombucha taste like?

Our kombucha is effervescent and approachable. It has a slight tartness to it.

5Who can drink it?

Legally, everyone! Kombucha is an unpasteurized fermented beverage, so if you are under specific medical conditions (i.e. expecting mothers, children) please refer to your physician

6Can you drink kombucha during pregnancy?

A general rule of thumb is to not introduce anything new to your body during pregnancy. Therefore, we advise you to consult your doctor.

7How much can you drink?

Everyone’s microbiome is different. So really, it’s up to you! Like anything new, If it’s your first time drinking it, start with 4-6oz and then gradually increase from there.

8Is it Vegan? Gluten free?

We use organic, vegan, and gluten free ingredients.

9Is it carbonated?

Yes! As of now all of our flavors are carbonated to have an approachable taste – like sparkling water.

10Does it have to be refrigerated?

Yes – kombucha is a raw, live culture. Don’t worry, by live we don’t mean it’s non-vegan – just that it’s a healthy live bacteria.

11What are the health benefits?

Packed with probiotics – so it’s great for your gut!

  • Vitamin B Rich
  • Low in Sugar
  • 12How long does Circle Kombucha stay fresh?

    For a standard 12 ounce bottle, refer to the ‘Best By’ date on the bottle. For a growler, we recommend that you enjoy it within a few days of opening for the freshest & fizziest experience.

    1So, what exactly is collagen?

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and it promotes full-body health. This includes skin, join, bone, muscle, and heart.

    2Where does collagen come from?

    Circle sources collagen that is thoughtfully sourced through grass fed bovine hides.

    3And what does collagen do?

    Collagen holds everything together by building and repairing tissue. It revitalizes and beautifies hair, skin and nails, and supports a healthy heart, strong bones, good digestion, and flexible joints.

    4Should I take collagen everyday?

    It is recommended that 10-20 grams of collagen be taken every day to maintain a healthy balance of protein.

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