Choices made today affect the outcomes of tomorrow. That’s why we
choose to brew with integrity, distribute our products responsibly, and source ingredients that limit the impact on the environment while maximizing the health of our customers and advancing the happiness of the communities we belong to.

Our way isn’t easier, but we believe that every ounce of effort we pour into getting it right shows up in the experience our customers desire, but more importantly have come to trust. Our dedication to health, taste, community, and environment completes the circle of the well-balanced company we aim to be. A well-balanced product is more than what’s in the bottle or can. It’s all the energy that surrounds this bright, bubbly fizzy beverage and those who enjoy it.

We are an Indiana-based team and we are growing quickly, thanks to our amazing customers and partners. Our world is hectic, and we are looking for high-potential people to help us spread the Feel Good community, one sip at a time across the entire Midwest. If you like to build and want to be involved on the ground floor of a movement, then this team is for you.

Here’s what we are all about:

  • We invest in relationships.
  • We prioritize quality and safety in all tasks, big and small
  • We treat people fairly and with respect
  • We get people excited.
  • We always take the high road.
  • We deliver on our commitments.
  • We create and embrace positive change.
  • We focus on solutions, not problems.
  • We find balance inside and outside of work.
  • We have fun. A lot of fun. Too much fun!

Current Openings –
Brand Ambassadors 


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