Kombucha Finder

Circle March 12, 2021

Listen. This stuff is something, but it’s not something for everybody. At Circle, we work hard to make our kombucha tastefully balanced, and with a range of potencies and flavors for different palates. That said, Circle Kombucha is a little funky. And if you feel like getting your funk on, we put together a “kombucha finder” to help find the right one for you. Keep in mind, we try to keep everybody on their toes with our limited release and seasonal rotating flavors. Those aren’t listed here because…we could be here all day. And maybe we’re okay with that. But that’s like a lot of content and we can’t drink all the kombucha if we’re just writing about it all the time, you know? Bottom line, the kombucha finder will take you through our “core four” flavors—the ones you’ll find year round and likely stocked up at your favorite Circle retailers.

Take a whack at the kombucha finder and read through our tasting notes below. We think you’re on to something pretty good. And if not, that’s okay. We’ve got a couple other drinks up our…drink sleeves…aka koozies…

Cheers to your funky, balanced and healthy little gut!

Ginger Lemon Circle Kombucha: A crisp, refreshing kombucha that balances the bite of raw, organic ginger with tart, fresh lemon juice.

Pomegranate Circle Kombucha: A tart, bold-bodied kombucha with a mouth-watering aftertaste. Brewed with organic pomegranates.

Mango Turmeric Circle Kombucha: A sweet mango start followed by an enjoyable earthy, turmeric finish.

Peach Blossom Circle Kombucha: A traditional raw kombucha (no fruit added) with a strong effervescence and subtle peach note to taste.

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