Meet Skylar, Head Brewer at Circle City Kombucha.

Circle January 1, 2019

Skylar Williams is a native of Portland, Oregon, where he enjoyed a wide selection of fermented foods like Kombucha, Kim Chi, and Kefir. In fact, he was drinking so much Kombucha that he decided to start brewing his own. For years, Skylar perfected his own home recipes. But when it came time to turn his hobby into a business, the opportunity took Skylar over 2,000 miles away to the Midwestern city of Indianapolis where Kombucha was still on the fringe of most peoples’ diets.

Skylar and his two co-founders, Matt Whiteside and Freddy Ferro, saw the lack of Kombucha producers in Central Indiana as an opportunity, not an obstacle. Indy and the surrounding communities were gaining awareness of this powerful, detoxifying beverage. But most Hoosiers’ who had tried Kombucha experienced sour, unpalatable recipes. The trio believed there would be a demand for a reliable brewer consistently offering batch after batch of mild, palatable flavored Kombucha. And that’s just the kind of recipe Skylar had been perfecting back in Oregon.

If Kombucha is still a foreign idea to you, you’re not alone. Here is what you need to know: Your stomach is chock full of bacteria—some good and some bad—but fermented foods like kombucha can introduce beneficial bacteria in your system, similar to the way yogurt or sauerkraut are looked to as a probiotic. Skylar and his two partners are big believers in the gut health and overall detoxification that Kombucha offers, and they are passionate about sharing it with you.

We’re excited to deliver Circle City Kombucha on You can purchase a growler and return the bottle in a future order, making it that much easier for you to enjoy one of their many flavors of soda. Kick off the new year by trying some “Feel Good Soda” from Circle City Kombucha.

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