Skylar Williams

Co-Founder and COO

Skylar found himself in Indy, by way of Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix. Before Kombucha he was working in hospitality IT, where after 10 years, he said, "Enough is enough." His friends told him his homemade kombucha was so good that he should sell it - and so he did! Skylar spends his free time traveling, eating lots of fancy food, and thinking about Kombucha.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Pineapple Mint

Feel Good Fact: Enjoys doing headstands, especially after a couple cocktails.

Matt Whiteside

Co-Founder and CEO

Matt hails from the wild, wild west as a native of Arizona. After one too many sunburns in the desert, he followed a career that moved him through six cities before he finally landed with us (lucky him!). No sunburns for our fearless leader in the heart of a Midwest winter.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Peach Blossom

Feel Good Fact: Matt is a Type 1 Diabetic and a health & fitness fanatic. He claims to be the #1 kombucha-drinker on the team to support his diabetic-friendly diet. We can't verify this ranking is "factual", but he does have a personal kombucha kegerator in his office

Carly Traub

On-Premise Sales Manager

Carly was once described by a customer as "Pleasantly Persistent" and works everyday to live by this motto. Having worked for a large broadline distributor Carly is no stranger to the food and beverage industry. When she's not professionally stalking her prospects, you can find her on her sailboat with her husband Matt (not our once sunburned one) and two young sons, Charlie and Davy.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Watermelon Hops

Feel Good Fact: Carly's family owned a bowling alley while she was growing up and she once bowled a 299, one point shy of perfection...just like her

Komal Sheth

Marketing & Culture Manager

When Komal isn’t out working, traveling with her partner, at a concert, or playing with her dog - she’s probably out striking a conversation with a stranger. Komal started as one of the OG CCK brand ambassadors and is now unleashing her creativity to make sure everyone around her Feels Good.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Passion Fruit Hops

Feel Good Fact: As Lizzo would say - “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100%...” - Indian.

Casey Newton

Production Technician

Born in Arizona but a Washington native. I love to make people laugh and to be able to brighten their day. I've worked primarily in the food service industry in nearly every position. I love cars and going fast (anything for a good adrenaline rush). I'm a proud father of two boys, James (2.5 years old) and Liam (1 year old). My wife's name is Rachel and she's my rock and homemaker.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Raspberry Hibiscus

Feel Good Fact: Not Related to Isaac Newton...ain't no joke like a dad joke!

Bailey Weessies

Ohio Territory Manager

Hailing from the Mitten State (Michigan) and recent Ohio transplant living in Columbus, Bailey has a thirst for exploring and discovering new places. As a recent graduate of Michigan State University (GO GREEN), he is a former produce salesman, self-described foodie, avid gift giver, novelty seeker, and environmentalist. On the weekends you can find him trying new coffee places in Columbus, at a local farmers market, tasting new craft brews at Columbus staples, watching GOT, spending time with his little from Big Brothers Big Sisters, and volunteering throughout the community. Similar to a shark, once I smell blood, I hunt down my target with tenacity. But with a smile.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Plum Spice

Feel Good Fact: I once ate 3 live gold fish on a dare... maybe I am a shark.

Peter Merrifield

Production Technician

Peter comes to Circle with a degree in systems engineering and lifelong passions for cooking and fermenting (along with an eclectic array of other hobbies). Working to help expand Circle’s operations has proven to be the perfect opportunity to blend Peter’s education and passion. He is working to help automate and optimize production to allow more people to drink Circle’s Feel Good Kombucha!

Favorite Circle Flavor: Ginger Lemon

Feel Good Fact: Peter was born and raised in North Carolina and has been loving exploring and getting to know Indianapolis and the Midwest.

Dawn Scheerer

Retail Sales Manager

Dawn comes full Circle with 12 years of regional sales experience in the retail grocery industry. She was born near Chicago, raised in San Diego, transplanted to Washington state, and landed back in the midwest now rooted with her husband and 2 dogs. She is an early riser and loves a good morning run. When Dawn isn’t selling something yummy, she is organizing something (anything!), taking a road trip, or challenging herself to reach one of her many personal goals which helps Dawn Find Balance and Feel Good!

Favorite Circle Flavor: Ginger Lemon

Feel Good Fact: During Dawn’s 20 years of living in Washington state, she took up cliff jumping. Her highest jump was 70ft of freefall into the Columbia River in George, WA (while attending a concert at the Gorge, of course!)! What a daredevil!

Josiah Zintsmaster

Sales Intern

A Hoosier from birth and now at school, Josiah is studying Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Sales at IU Bloomington. His love for making new friends and energy in conversations fuels his passion for sales. When he’s not chatting up a storm, you’ll find him stopping by every local coffee shop in town (challenge – try asking him which is his favorite), at OrangeTheory, or with his puppy, Hoosier.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Harvest Apple

Feel Good Fact: Every September 3rd you'll find him celebrating his Veganniversary - currently 8 years and counting!

Jenny Jenness

Marketing & Culture Intern

Jenny is a Michigan transplant who married a Hoosier, tasted a breaded tenderloin and thought "Indy's it." She comes to Circle with a colorful background in media and PR, and whenever possible loves to combine work with hospitality, wellness and sustainability. Jenny and her husband report to their adopted french bulldog Mischy (short for Old "Mission" Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan) and admittedly bend much of their life according to Mischy's will. All three enjoy being outside, taking long naps, taking even longer walks, swallowing treats whole and the occasional car chase.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Ginger Lemon

Feel Good Fact: I burned my neck with the curling iron getting ready for this picture day (hidden behind hair). A cold can of Circle feels pretty good on it, I highly recommend for all burns.

Erin Justice

Lead BA

Erin is known to live a lot like she dances, awkwardly but with lots of enthusiasm. After growing up in northern Indiana and attending school in Indy, she has come full circle (pun definitely intended) as she returned last year after stints living in Vermont, Massachusetts and Colorado. When she's not slinging booch at a farmers market, she is likely procrastinating her grad school homework by hanging with friends or her nephews, the X-Men.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Concord/Ginger Lemon

Feel Good Fact: Erin learned how to make balloon animals for a role in an 8th grade play. So if you're needing some party entertainment, you know who to call!

Kendal Rosenbaum

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Kendal started his time with Circle as a brand ambassador and quickly realized he wanted a larger role on the team. After almost two years of ambassador work, he finally made the jump to full time. In his former career life, Kendal was a structural engineer. He hopes to bring his detail focused career experience to the team to help ensure that all Circle products are up to our strictest Feel Good standards.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Strawberry Rhubarb

Feel Good Fact: Kendal’s family owns a pig farm in southern Indiana. In his down time, he loves to make his way south to roll in the mud with the hogs.

Daniel Hynes

Missouri Territory Manager

Daniel was born and raised in St. Louis but spent most of his adult life living and working in Australia. He has a fantastic daughter, Lauren, and a grandson, Jack who lives in Brisbane. He spent 15 years within the Australian Food Service, and he began Daniel’s Cakes in Australia making American style liqueur cheesecakes. He left sunny Australia and returned to St. Louis in 2018 to marry his soulmate and now wife, Robin.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Mango Turmeric

Feel Good Fact: I had a drink with the singer Pink in 2014 and had tea with the Prime Minister of Ireland, Charles Haughey in 1989.

Sam McHugh

Illinois Territory Manager

Sam is a Midwestern boy at heart, having been born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and moving straight to Chicago after finishing undergrad at Cornell (go Big Red!). After a brief stint in the nonprofit world, Sam came home to roost in the specialty beverage industry, working variously as a barista, bartender, and distributor, and discovering a passion for putting cans in hands and getting other people stoked on good stuff.

Favorite Circle Flavor: Lavender Mint

Feel Good Fact: Sam has a house plant problem, and may or may not talk to his succulents.

Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Future founders and long time friends, Freddy Ferro and Skylar Williams sample some of Skylar’s Kombucha homebrew in Portland, OR. Safe to say, the brew is good enough to discuss starting a Kombucha business!

Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Skylar & Freddy connect with Matt Whiteside, fellow Arizona State alum, who joins the founding team on the mission to build the Feel Good movement.

Summer 2015

Summer 2015

Skylar Williams relocates to Indianapolis, crashing on Freddy Ferro’s couch. Circle City Kombucha is officially founded in June 2015 over a pint at Indianapolis’ Lockerbie Pub.

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Recipe development completes and an Irvington charter school agrees to rent commercial kitchen space for production on nights and weekends.

Winter 2015

Winter 2015

Circle City Kombucha officially sells its first Kombucha to coffee bar, Thirsty Scholar.



Circle City Kombucha grows distribution in Indianapolis while continuing to operate out of Irvington charter schools. Space quickly becomes a problem!

Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Brewing begins out of our first brewery (aka The Kombucha Factory, aka The Kombucharie).

Summer 2017

Summer 2017

CCK puts focus on community education, participation in more than three weekly farmers markets.Skylar Williams officially becomes the first full time Employee.



With lots of help from family, friends, and partners along the way, the team grows to 4 full time employees, including Matt Whiteside, and more than 20 part time event staff. Brewing output has increased more than 50x in the last 12 months.


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