Healthcare Worker Donation Program

Circle May 26, 2020

Circle initiated the Healthcare Worker Donation program to support the courageous people fighting on the frontline of the current pandemic. “It’s our way of contributing to the cause, even if only to keep these frontline workers hydrated and feeling good.” Matt Whiteside, Circle CEO. Because Circle already had established relationships with many local and regional hospitals, it was able to promptly develop a donation network and start its donation initiative at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since March 18th, Circle has donated over 2,750 cans to the following hospital communities: Community East, Community South, Eskenazi, IU Health, IU Trauma, IU Methodist, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Riley’s Children’s Hospital, Riverside, St. Francis South, St. Vincent, and St. Vincent Carmel. 

Circle is rooted in supporting its local communities and the Donation Program was a small way to support frontline workers. Circle also partnered with Gravesco Pottery’s and Jason Michael Thomas’ Feed the Artists initiative, which provides fresh food and other essential items to individuals struggling with job loss.

Tinker Coffee and Endangered Species Chocolates also joined Circle’s donation program. Tinker Coffee provided whole beans and cold brew coffee. Endangered Species Chocolates committed to matching each case Circle donated by donating one case of their chocolate truffles.

The Donation Program would not have been possible without the support Circle itself received from the community. “It’s been amazing to see everyone come together and support one another and bring some positivity to a not so great situation.” Komal Sheth, Manager of Marketing & Culture. 

Circle intends to continue the Healthcare Workers Donation Program through May 31, 2020.  In June, Circle plans to shift gears and support local and regional LGBTQ+ organizations in honor of Pride month. 

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