to provide enriching careers for our people, to uplift our partners, and to benefit society through our products and services.

In 2015, thanks to some tasty kombucha and a goal to bring healthier beverage options to the MidWest, Circle Bev was born. We know all the hardships beverage companies face, because we’ve experienced them first hand. We know what you want and need from your manufacturing partner, because we wanted the same things. So we built our facility to satisfy those wants and needs.


In order to help our partners, we think it’s important to listen to them first. And we hear you. Beverage trends show that most people are seeking health-conscious, crafted and unique products at accelerating rates. We join our clients on their journey to produce the best beverages on the market. We are committed to helping our people and our partners bring their dreams to life, one can at a time.

Everything we do at Circle is run through our core values. Our goal is not perfection (doesn’t exist) but to eliminate any dissonance between our values and how we work. In 2019, our team first chose these ten statements as our cultural and business standards, and every day we’re committed to keep choosing them.
Circle believes that better products are made when we know the people we’re working with. We source our ingredients from trusted partners. Because relationships are human interactions, they’re not easy. But we think they’re worth the investment, personally and professionally.
Circle believes ALL people are of significant and equal value. We believe that in order to achieve equity, we need to fight inequity. The Circle culture is one that actively pursues antiracist education, digs into community enrichment and seeks opportunity to diversify our team and thought processes.
Call us weird, but we get excited about making beverages. Each new product is an opportunity to learn and grow the industry. Be warned, our enthusiasm is bound to wear off on you too.
Circle is working hard toward our BCorp certification, holding us accountable to our decisions that affect staff, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. It’s not the only road, but we believe it’s the high road to take in business.
Spoiler alert: most of life does not go as planned. This can be especially true in the food and beverage world. Whether directly relating to our clients, distributors or our own consumers, we are committed to doing our best and making it right.
Circle is SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, showcasing our priority in food safety management and operational excellence.
As a compnay, we experience growing pains every day. We wrap our arms around every challenge, and use it to create better experiences in the future.
We believe that the work we produce is a fundamental part of who we are, but not everything. When we find balance, we feel good, and when we feel good, we do good.
We got 99 problems but negativity ain’t one. Choosing optimism is hard, however, the outcome has been so rich for Circle. All business have had to overcome a lot in these last few years. Circle is no different. We do not shy away from the hard stuff. It has made us who we are today.
Our cans will make you dance!
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