National Margarita Day

Circle February 18, 2021

What’s a girl to do when #NationalMargaritaDay falls on a #MocktailMonday? Make it first with kombucha, taste, and then decide if I should add tequila. (You know, for festivity’s sake…)

This margarita mocktail is made with Mango Turmeric Circle Kombucha, or what I personally refer to as fruit salad in a can. Seriously, check out the nutrition label sometime. I happen to love adding lime juice to my actual fruit salad, as it preserves and helps brighten up all the sweetness of the fruit sugars. And I like lime with my Mango Turmeric Circle Kombucha for that same reason.

This recipe was curated by our pals at Indy Urban Foodies, a female-owned and operated Indianapolis business that brings professional cooking to your kitchen. They’re really good at a lot of things, and thankfully, making concoctions with our Circle drinks is one of ’em.

Cheers to Finding Balance and Feeling Good…and margaritas.

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